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Paulina James Interview

“We would play with ourselves and sometimes play with each other. It got really hot.”

RAY: So tell me about Paulina James.

PAULINA JAMES: I’ve always wanted to be a porn star. I’m just a very sexual person… That’s always been my personality. I’m very open and comfortable with my body… And I’m comfortable with other people.

RAY: How young are you?

PAULINA: I’m 20.

RAY: Where are you from?

PAULINA: Orange County. I just moved to Studio City, but I was born and raised in Newport Beach. My parents still live there.

RAY: Parents still together?

PAULINA: Nope. [Laughs] My dad actually lives in Huntington Beach. My mom lives in Newport.

RAY: What do they do?

PAULINA: My dad’s a makeup artist. My mom’s a hairdresser.

RAY: Did you do mainstream modeling before getting into porn?

PAULINA: Yes. I had both of my parents there for me. I did swimsuit modeling. I’m only 5'5 but I did fashion shows and beauty pageants. When I was really little I did TV commercials. Before I got into the industry, I did artistic nudes.

RAY: How did your family react to your decision to do porn?

PAULINA: Both my parents know what I do. I told my dad not too long ago. My family is different. They’re very open with sexuality. I’m comfortable talking to my parents about everything. I know that’s pretty rare. Most girls are like “oh my god… my parents!” But mine are very open with me, so I wanted them to know right away. I didn’t want them to wonder where I was getting all the money! “Is she a prostitute?” [Laughs] I think that’s really trashy. They supported me, so I want them to at least be a little proud of me and what I do.

RAY: Who do people say you look like?

PAULINA: When I had blonde hair, people said I looked like Mariah Carey. But I’ve gotten Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Lindsay Lohan when I had redder hair. Why? Who do you think I look like?

RAY: Before I even saw you, a friend described you as a young, brunette Jenna Jameson.

PAULINA: Well, that’s quite a compliment… Do you think I look like Jenna Jameson?

RAY: It sounds cliche. But yeah, I can see it.

PAULINA: My ex-boyfriend’s uncle is Tito Ortiz — I guess he dated Jenna for a while. I was supposed to meet her not too long ago. But, well, he’s my ex… So that didn’t happen. Especially after I started in the industry.

RAY: Do you have a boyfriend now?


RAY: How did you get involved with porn?

PAULINA: Through a friend of mine. He started his own agency. I started with him and did a lot of modeling, including the artistic nudes. Like I said, I always wanted to be a porn star. Watching porn when I was little always intrigued me. It made me want to do porn even more.

RAY: Who showed you porn when you were little?

PAULINA: When I was young, my girlfriend and I would always sneak and rent porn on pay-per-view. We would play with ourselves and sometimes play with each other. It got really hot. When my parents would get the bill and be like, “um, Wild Nights? What’s this?” I’d just say “sorry mom, I’m horny!” [Laughs]

RAY: Were you a bad girl growing up?

PAULINA: Yeah… I had my share of boyfriends.

RAY: Popular in school?

PAULINA: I guess. I did some cheerleading. I did drama… A lot of acting. Plays and stuff.

RAY: What’s something people wouldn’t know just by looking at you?

PAULINA: [Laughs] That I’m actually a bad girl.

RAY: Ever get into real trouble?

PAULINA: Like arrested? No… Actually I haven’t! [Laughs] I guess I’m not that bad.

RAY: What’s the oldest guy you’ve dated?

PAULINA: I have to think about that… I don’t really care about age as long as they have a good personality and they can make me laugh and show me a good time.

RAY: Good answer.

PAULINA: It’s true, though. So many of the younger boys don’t have a fuckin’ clue. Sorry for cussing! [Laughs]

RAY: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done sexually?

PAULINA: I once had sex in an elevator. I also had sex in the lobby of a hotel on a table! People were walking by, too. We were positioned so that it looked like we were just hugging each other.

RAY: Have you shot any scenes that you would consider favorites?

PAULINA: I really like Kurt Lockwood. We have good chemistry. He’s just really fun. Good chemistry makes the sex better. It comes natural. Plus I like the bad boys… With tattoos.

RAY: Opposites attract.

PAULINA: Cause I’m a good girl, right? Every good girl needs a bad boy.

RAY: I’m familiar with some of your internet work. Your scene at comes to mind. I also love your scenes for, and of course my all-time favorite site — Cum Fiesta. Where elese can people see you?

PAULINA: I worked with Kurt on a film for Sex Z Pictures. I got to put my hair in pig-tails. I love doing that. I recently worked on a movie for Digital Playground. I’m also on a the boxcover of a video called Teens in Tight Jeans #2 with Eric Everhard. He’s another really good guy to work with. I recently worked with Red Light District on New Chicks Cum First #2.

RAY: What do you enjoy doing the most, sexually?

PAULINA: Fucking. [Laughs] Giving head… A lot of things turn me on. Sometimes when I’m driving in the car and I see some guy on the road… And he flirts with me. I picture him jacking-off. That’s hot.

RAY: I thought girls hated it when guys hit on them while driving.

PAULINA: Why? I think it’s so cute! Even when the guy’s not attractive, I’ll just be like “awww… how sweet.”

RAY: Do you work out?

PAULINA: Yeah, I run on the beach when I’m down in Newport.

RAY: Have you ever had sex with multiple partners off camera?

PAULINA: Like threesomes? Yes, of course! Who hasn’t?

RAY: Sadly, not many people your age.

PAULINA: Really? I’m very comfortable with my girlfriends. We like to have fun together.

RAY: How many people at once?

PAULINA: Four people. Me, another girl, and two guys. It was my girlfriend and I, Kendra Devons. She’s in the industry as well.

RAY: Yeah, I’ve seen Kendra on I also noticed that you don’t have a french manicure. I thought that was manditory in porn.

PAULINA: [Laughs] I like to be different. I like to just be myself — Paulina James. Or PJ, for short.

RAY: Who calls you PJ?

PAULINA: My fans… My friends. My mom even calls me PJ. She’s so cute.

RAY: Is there anything about porn that annoys you?

PAULINA: The fact that you can get diseases and infections so easily from people. That’s why I don’t date anyone outside of the industry. It’s too scary. You don’t know what somebody could give you. If you’re going to date someone, wear a condom, you know? Even in the industry it’s scary. That’s why it’s always important to get tested, see your regular doctor, and go to AIM.

RAY: A public service announcement from PJ.

PAULINA: [Laughs] I’m serious! This is my career. I love my work and I take it very seriously. I want to have fun, but also be safe and while doing business.

RAY: I’m teasing, of course. That’s very smart of you. Has being in the industry affected your relationships?

PAULINA: Maybe a little bit. But I want to focus on my career right now and do the right thing. At this stage, I don’t really need a man — or a boy — telling me what to do. I’m going to work hard this year and focus on my career. I’m trying to make my name a brand. Right now, I’m working on a clothing and lingerie line. I want it to be very classy. I want my career to involve clothing, modeling, acting — and of course a lot of great sex! I just want to have fun and live life.

Special Thanks to Ray

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